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NEW Life-Sensing Wearable Technology. Allows you to monitor your Bio Parameters in real time 24/7 - fully equipped with the most advanced and accurate sensors.

Have You Seen This Life-Sensing Technology?!

This is a must see product, first of it's kind that allows you to monitor the important bio-parameters and well-being of your own body as well as your loved ones. Featured on Fox News and creating quite a buzz, check it out...!

BIOZEN- WGN's newest product!

Help protects against the high frequency EMF's or positive ions that bombard our bodies every single day via our computers, phones, routers, tv's, microwaves and more!

CES 2018 - World Global Network

First time in the history a network company is attending CES. WOW - it is going to be great. Follot us at Facebook: WGN International Team

Up Close and Personal Interview with Antonio De Rosa

Definitely a MUST WATCH! The wait is finally over! Here is an up close and personal interview with none other than Chief Design Officer Antonio De Rosa. List...

The HELO LX Featured on The TODAY SHOW!

The HELO LX is getting National Buzz from being featured on The TODAY SHOW! This product and it's popularity is growing JUST AS EXPECTED. Don't miss the opportunity to capitalize financially by becoming a part of this WOR(l)D Global Network Movement!